Did You Know…? All of our scenes have been converted from incandescent bulbs to LEDs since the 2018-2019 holiday season!

LED snowflake tree ornament Growing each year since its modest beginnings in 2000, Cuero’s Christmas in the Park now features well over 250 lighted holiday displays, including many animated scenes!

As the celebration has expanded, so has the number of scenes that require the replacement of tens of thousands of incandescent light bulbs. Following the wrap of the 2016-2017 holiday season, the December Events Committee began the considerable effort to convert from traditional incandescent bulbs to LED bulbs. Thanks to funding from a PowerUp grant from Guadalupe Valley Electric Cooperative (GVEC) in 2017, the DEC was on schedule to complete this project within two years. Converting to LEDs has the dual benefit of conserving electricity as well as significantly reducing the need to change bulbs on a yearly basis.

Note: Beginning this year (2020), we will not have any donor sign displays, except for those displays that were newly purchased.

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In the Park

New Scenes To Look For This Year!!!

  • New 3-foot Presidential Snowflake, In Loving Memory of: Betty (DeeDee) Murphy, Larry Johnson, & Marilyn Ellis — The Ellis Family
  • New Ornament Tree, In Memory of: Penny & James Jaschke — Beth & Gary Gibson, Becky & Bubba Kuecker, Bryan & Kelly Hauboldt
  • New 4-foot Silhouette Package, In Memory of: Nanna & Wesley Schmidt — Beth & Gary Gibson, Becky & Bubba Kuecker, Bryan & Kelly Hauboldt
  • New Leaping Frog, In Memory of: Sharon Palmer — From: Her Loving Family
  • New Heavenly Angel with Trumpet, In Loving Memory of: Mary Grace Martinez, Loving and Missing you always! — Martinez & Salazar Family
  • New Mistletoe — Victoria Foot and Ankle Center, Dr. Matthew Eberly & Staff
  • New Angel with Purple Heart, In Loving Memory of: D’ Metra Strait, We love you “so so so so” much! — With Love, Daddy, Ma, Quentin and Taiven

  • Santa Shoeing a Reindeer; S&S Horseshoeing (Donated by: Stephen & Stacey Fox-Ressman)
  • “Merry Christmas!”; Masonic Lodge Logo (Cuero Masonic Lodge #409 | 2B1ASK1)
  • -L Cattle Brand; In Memory of: Bob Morrow (Love, The Morrow Clan)
  • 5-Foot Presidential Snowflake; In Memory of: Jo Ann Edge (Courtesy: of The December Events Committee)
  • Camper with Wreath; “Everywhere is home when you are with family” (Donated by: The Roznovskys & The Ellises
  • 18 Wheeler; In Memory of: Victor “Popo” Boehl (With Love, Nelda Boehl | Bryan & Marlene Boehl & Family | Natalie Carson & Family
  • Sunflower with a Cardinal; May redbirds and sunflowers always be near our “Mimi” Paula Hamilton (Always have, always will, love you: Robby, Ryan, Bryanne, Jessica, Bobby, and “Buddy”)
  • Cowboy Roping #4
  • Tom Landry & Dallas Cowboys Star; In Loving Memory of: Joann Lincke (Donated by: Joann’s #1 Fans)
  • Orange Leukemia Ribbon; In Honor of: Nate Boehl (Love, Mimi & Pops | Grammie & Pa)
  • In memory of Tom Followwill, 5-14-96 to 8-16-18 (God Bless, Kim Followwill)
  • Bear in a Stocking (In Honor of: Katie, Breann, and Kyle – Love, Nana & Papa)
  • Heart Hands with Rainbow (Always in our hearts, Michelle Binz Enterline – With Love, The Enterline, Binz, Ressman, and Reitz Families)
  • Ornament Tree (In Honor of Our Past Chair, Kay Lewis – Courtesy of The December Events Committee)
  • 5’ Pink Presidential Snowflake (In Memory of Margaret Dixon – Courtesy of December Events Committee)
  • Small Penguin & Snowman
  • Port-O-Can Santa
  • Elf on a Manlift
  • Turkey with Santa Hat
  • Cardinal with Poppies
  • Man with a Squirrel
  • Cross with Sun Silhouette
  • Mrs. Claus with a Cake
  • Santa Claus with a Squirrel
  • Angel in the Window
  • Dove
  • University of Texas Logo
  • Snowboarding Snowman
  • Dancing Trees & Dancing Candy Canes
  • 5-Foot Laying Doe
  • Have A “Mousie” Christmas Display
  • 4-Foot Silhouette Poinsettia
  • Texas Tech Logo with Holly
  • Longhorn with Star Streamers
  • 3-Foot Presidential Snowflake
  • 5-Foot Penguin
  • 10.5-Foot Waving Santa
  • Angel Releasing Doves
  • Purple & Teal Suicide Awareness Ribbon with 5-foot Angel
  • Caroling Woman and Two Caroling Girls
  • Largemouth Bass
  • Two Double Musical Notes & One Single Note
  • Soldier Kneeling Before Three Crosses & “Freedom Isn’t Free” sign
  • Two Kneeling Angels
  • Ricky Jamming on Guitar
  • Cross in the Window
  • Snowman Snowball Fight
  • Ski Slope Santa
  • Animated Gas Pump Santa and Elf
  • Animated Fence Builder Elf
  • Penguin Snowball Toss
  • Elf Building Toys
  • Cowboy Hat with Presents
  • Horseshoe with Poinsettia
  • Two Animated Elves on Big Wheels
  • Cowboy Boot with Holly
  • Santa on a Horse Roping a Calf
  • Christmas in the Park Arch
  • Victorian Scenes
  • Twelve Days of Christmas
  • Poinsettia Arch
  • Nativity & Manger
  • Paddlewheel Boat
  • Peace Globe
  • Reindeer Flying in Helicopter
  • Pump Jack with Santa Waving
  • Oil Derrick with Snowflakes
  • Gingerbread House
  • Western Scene
  • Sassy the Sea Serpent
  • Santa & Eskimos Fishing
  • Elves Making Snowmen
  • Eagles & Deer Family
  • Cross, Dove
  • Guardian Angel with Children
  • Old Man Winter
  • U.S. Flag
  • Elf & Loader Moving Presents
  • Redbird with Star
  • Candy Cane Spray
  • Butterfly Scene
  • …and many more!


  • Victorian Scenes
  • Skyline

How To Order A Scene

We take orders for new scenes following the conclusion of the holiday season, generally between mid-January and the beginning of March each year, when we receive the greatest discounts from the vendors. To order a scene, or for more information, please contact Samantha Bayfus at the Cuero Development Corporation at (361) 275-8178 or